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Join us in calling on the City of Minneapolis to raise standards for working families by ensuring earned sick and safe time and a fair workweek, putting an end to wage theft, and raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour by submitting a comment to the City Council by October 16.

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What we want

Earned Sick & Safe Time

We want to guarantee that every worker in Minneapolis earns paid time off to care for themselves or their families when they get sick or are threatened with domestic violence.

Fair Workweek

We want to restore a fair workweek by limiting last-minute scheduling changes and by promoting access to full time hours.

An End to Wage Theft

We want to make sure everyone gets the pay that they are due when they are owed it.

Minimum Wage

We want everyone in Minneapolis to be paid enough to make ends meet, a wage of $15/hour or more.

What’s going on in your neighborhood

We are the people who ensure that #MPLSWorks.

We clean stores, serve food, and care for the elderly. We work in retail, we raise kids, we plow snow. We take calls, we clean windows, we teach, we protect, we build, we drive, we lift, and we make Minneapolis the city it is. Our city runs on the talent, sweat, courage, and creativity of working people.

Right now, there is much we are proud of, but still much we need to change. Our city is held back by racial inequities. Women are stifled by lower pay. New Americans are excluded from jobs. At a time of record corporate profits, CEOs award themselves higher pay, while too many of our families work full-time and still live in poverty. Too many of us are forced to choose between caring for our kids or running to one of our multiple jobs just to pay the bills. Too many of us get ripped off by not getting paid what we’re due.

We can make Minneapolis work. We can build a more equitable city. We can create more opportunities. We can raise our standards. But we can’t do it without you.

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In the news

  • For Immediate Release
    Contact: Andy Holmaas, aholmaas@mnfaireconomy.org, (612)-968-3490

    2013 election mandate to close racial, economic gaps ignored despite overwhelming voter support for Working Families Agenda policies

    Minneapolis, MN – Following Friday’s Minneapolis City Council meeting where the City Council unanimously voted to delay passage of Earned Sick and Safe Time for another four months while stopping all city work on a scheduling ordinance, the #MplsWorks campaign responded to the city’s decision:

    “As expected, and despite off-the-charts 91% public support for Earned Sick and Safe Time from Minneapolis voters, and similar majorities for other common-sense measures to protect workers, including 91% for reasonable employee scheduling requests, 80% for compensation for last-minute shift cancellation, and 84% for stronger wage theft protection, the Minneapolis City Council today voted to delay implementation of nationally-tested policies that would help turn the tide on the city’s escalating economic and racial disparities.

    “In 2013, Minneapolis voters elected a new Mayor and seven new councilmembers, with a mandate to fix the city’s racial and economic inequities. The voters expect action and solutions to these problems from their elected officials. Unfortunately, today, all they got was inaction.

    “Minneapolis voters need to question the leadership and decision-making skills of the Minneapolis City Council. Why would such an obviously popular, well-tested policy solution like Earned Sick and Safe Time, be put into eternal delay and study mode? Why would fair scheduling policies and protections against wage theft be left on the cutting room floor?

    “A poll taken just one month ago shows record levels of support for passing these policies. 91% of likely Minneapolis voters responded that they are in favor of their City Council Member voting “yes” on a proposal that would allow hourly workers to earn paid time off for illnesses or family emergencies. Yet more delay was the decision of a majority of council members today.

    “Councilmembers continue to say they don’t want to interfere with the partnership between employers and employees. Workers, especially women and workers of color, don’t have a partnership to maintain. They have a broken, two-tiered economy that sees the rich get richer and the rest of us falling behind. They get poverty wages, chaotic schedules, no sick time to take care of their families, and are prone to wage theft. If this is the partnership the Council wants to maintain, they are clearly indicating the voices that matter to them.”

    “Despite Mayor Hodges moving earned sick time, fair scheduling, and the need to end wage theft into public discussion during her State of the City address last April, opponents like the Minnesota Business Partnership, the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and the Minnesota Restaurant Association have brought exactly zero ideas or solutions to the table to fix this crisis. What leads the Minneapolis City Council to believe they will offer anything new in the next 4 months?”


  • For Immediate Release
    Contact: Andy Holmaas, aholmaas@mnfaireconomy.org, (612)-968-3490, Minnesotans for a Fair Economy

    #MPLSWorks campaign responds to baffling decision to delay passage of popular policy

    Minneapolis, Minn — On the day that the Minneapolis City Council is expected to vote to delay the passage of Earned Safe and Sick Time, a new poll conducted in September 2015 shows record levels of support for passing the policy among Minneapolis voters. A full 91% of likely voters responded that they are in favor of their City Council Member voting “yes” on a proposal that would allow hourly workers to earn paid time off for illnesses or family emergencies.  The numbers clearly highlight the widespread support for the policy, which has been brought forward by working people in the city to address the worst-in-the-nation racial inequalities in Minneapolis.  In fact, the poll demonstrates strong majority support among Minneapolis voters for all of the provisions of the Working Family Agenda and related issues including, earned sick and safe time, enforcing wage theft, fair scheduling and a higher minimum wage.

    In light of this news to delay, the #MPLSWorks campaign released the following statement before the Council meeting:

    “It is incredibly frustrating that the Minneapolis City Council is moving to delay the passage of an Earned Sick and Safe Time policy that could start to chip away at our worst-in-the-nation racial jobs gaps. Earned Sick and Safe Time is incredibly popular across every voter demographic in Minneapolis. Last  month’s poll showed 91% of likely voters in Minneapolis supported the city passing an Earned Safe and Sick policy, an almost unheard of level of support.

    “This is a common-sense solution to a growing crisis facing our city. Earned Sick and Safe Time policies have already been adopted and successfully implemented in 19 municipalities and 4 states around the country. Minneapolis voters elected this City Council in 2013 to fix the inequities plaguing our city and we know that Minneapolis voters expect action from their elected officials.

    The decision to delay such a well-tested and popular solution makes no sense. We are committed to doubling down on our efforts to pass Earned Sick and Safe Time to ensure all workers in our city have the ability to balance their job responsibilities with the health and safety of themselves and their families.”

    The poll had a sample size of 400 likely voters for a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points. All respondents surveyed had participated in at least one of the 2013 or 2014 elections. The sample design allows us to gauge attitudes of likely municipal voters, while also including general election voters. Interviewing was conducted September 8-10 by professional interviewers. Find more information on the poll here.


  • For Immediate Release: October 14, 2015
    Contact: Andy Holmaas, AHolmaas@mnfaireconomy.org; 612.968.3490

    Call out out-sized role of corporate CEOs, demand continued action to close city’s racial disparities

    Minneapolis, MN – Hourly workers, primarily women and people of color in Minneapolis, are facing enormous racial and economic disparities. This crisis confronted by hourly workers is what started the campaign that became the Working Families Agenda.

    The #MPLSWorks campaign issued the following statement:

    “Closing racial and economic gaps is the most urgent issue facing Minneapolis. It is incredibly disappointing that our elected officials are backing away from one important part of the Working Families Agenda, fair scheduling protections, which would go a long way toward shrinking the racial divide in Minneapolis.  We continue to believe that protections like earned sick and safe time and the prevention of wage theft are urgently need solutions for Minneapolis workers.  We will join with workers, policymakers, business owners, and community members to continue to press for policies that improve the lives of Minneapolis families.

    “The Minneapolis Works Campaign, in support of the Working Families ordinance, have demanded a solution to the inequities that divide our city.  However, the CEOs of the state’s largest corporations came out strongly in opposition to these solutions this morning. Not only are they saying no, they are doing so without offering up a single solution of their own to address the crisis facing working people in Minneapolis.

    “What this debate has shown so far is there is a bright line between those who are willing to engage in conversations toward crafting a solution and those who only seek to say no to everything. The hourly workers, mostly women and people of color, need basic protections in the workplace.

    “The Minneapolis Works campaign remains united to secure fair scheduling, earned sick and wage theft protections to lift up workers and their families. We take the mayor at her word when she says “the inability of too many low-income, hourly, and part-time workers to plan their lives predictably in order to get ahead is still a problem in our city. We should not stop looking for a solution until it stops being a problem.” In that spirit, we invite businesses of all sizes, workers and city leaders to come together to solve this crisis, not just shout down proposals. We challenge the CEOs of the state’s largest corporations to address this crisis. Workers remain united and unwavering in their commitment to hold elected officials and corporations accountable to address the crisis facing fair scheduling, earned sick and safe time, and an end to wage theft.”

    # # #

    Minneapolis Works is the worker-led coalition of community, labor and faith groups fighting to improve economic and racial equity in Minneapolis MPLSWorks.org

    Link: Minneapolis Works Campaign Responds to Statement from Mayor Hodges on the Working Families Agenda

  • Hourly Workers Announce Strike Deadline After Delivery of Thousands of Petitions in Support of Fair Scheduling and Paid Sick Time Policies

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What we are: Minneapolis Works is a campaign to raise standards for working families in the City of Minneapolis.

How We Win: We focus on solutions like guaranteeing earned sick and safe time benefits, creating a fair workweek, ending wage theft, and raising the minimum wage.

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